NOTICE - Fancoins split 5:1 on 2/4/18, today's un-split price BUY $12.75/ SELL $11.19

Fancoin Exchange

A secure, private, members-only network.

Fancoin Member Exchange Overview

Key Elements

NOTICE: Fancoins split 5 for 1 on 2/4/18 - where each owner of record received four additional Fancoins for each Fancoin held in their trading and treasury escrow accounts.

  • The Fancoin Member Exchange is owned and operated by its fellow Fancoin owners with a powerful mission: create the most transparent, accountable, efficient, democratic and secure private association of exchange possible.
  • Fancoin is a transparent, collateralized asset with a built-in base of prospective users driving Fancoin demand.
  • Fancoins should not be confused with the entire lot of cryptographic currencies and assets, which have but one mission: create a massive wall of complexity that eliminates any trace of ownership and masks all of their inherent risks.
  • In contrast, Fancoins reside at the opposite end of the spectrum - where chain of ownership, simplicity and light of day rein. 
  • Fancoins are an easily understood, ownership-linked, highly collateralized store of value.
  • The Fancoin Member Exchange is a private association of Fancoin owners that is jointly owned and operated by and for  the exclusive use of its members. 
  • The Fancoin Member Exchange officially opened to its general membership on November 1, 2017, with member Fancoins quoted at BUY $.07 / SELL $.05. 
  • Today's member Fancoin BUY / SELL quotes are shown in the header at the top of this page.
  • Fancoin values are driven by long-term expectations: 1) their expected utility within the Fanbase master app, and 2) their expected utility as a store of value.
  • All prospective Fancoin owners must be approved by the Fancoin Member Exchange Membership Review Board prior to purchase of Fancoins.
  • For each Fancoin purchased one also gains ownership over 750 Fancoins held in a permanent escrow account as collateral to prevent any decline in Fancoin values.
  • There have been no losses in Fancoin daily closing values since November 1, 2017.

Driven by Real Users

  • Given the magnitude of the Fancoin 750:1 collateralization ratio, it is anticipated zero losses in daily Fancoin values will occur for the next 2,000 to 10,000 consecutive days or a span of 5 to 25 years.
  • Whenever daily Fancoin SELL values exceed $5.00, all Fancoins will automatically split at a 5:1 ratio, where the owner of record of each Fancoin in circulation will receive four additional Fancoins. 
  • The 750 Fancoins collateralizing each Fancoin in circulation will also automatically split 5:1, so that each post-split Fancoin is again secured at a 750:1 ratio.
  • Fancoin aggregates the best elements of leading digital and government-issued assets and the world's safest and most secure repositories of value to create a long-term store of value vehicle.
  • Fancoin Top Advantages in the below Downloads section provides an important overview of Fancoin's revolutionary bundle of safeguards, added security and years of protection against value losses.
  • The Fancoin Top Advantages overview provides easy-to-understand, real-world examples illustrating how the Fancoin Value Preservation Program is structured and how it prevents even a single day of losses from occurring for what likely will be many years, potentially decades.
  • The Fancoin Top Advantages overview also illustrates the hidden risks in owning any cryptographic currency or asset, which in contrast to Fancoin, are intended to create a permanent veil of secrecy.
  • Furthermore, unlike virtually any crypto currency or asset, Fancoins have a real-world driver of demand; the Fanbase master app's captive user base.
  • The Fanbase software application is designed to seamlessly integrate Fancoins throughout the app's anticipated initial rollout of 1,347-social media and ecommerce communities.
  • Fancoins are envisioned to be utilized by 95+ million prospective users acquired during the Fanbase app's initial launch.
  • Follow link below to see a comprehensive online demo of the Fanbase mobile app.

The Ultimate Asset

  • Fancoins are envisioned to be used in an extensive range of ecommerce goods and services purchases and other types of payments transactions in the Fanbase app.
  • Fancoin usage is also envisioned across a larger ecosystem of individuals and companies extending beyond the Fanbase app itself which accept Fancoins in payments transactions.
  • Fancoins are expected to be utilized in dozens of ways for Fanbase in-app purchases  including one-time and recurring payments for upgraded user access and features and a wide range of user fees for enhanced and special services, etc.
  • Fancoins are intended to be used in virtually any type of transaction within the Fanbase mobile app; i.e. bought, sold, traded, spent, earned, donated, pledged or loaned.
  • Fancoin is superior to Bitcoin or any other type of cryptographic currency or asset in several important ways.
  • The primary difference being that Fancoin is based on certainty of ownership, including unbreakable ownership linkage to all Fancoins held as collateral.
  • Fancoin is in several respects even safer than the US dollar - Fancoins cannot decline in value and the entire blockchain of ownership is permanently imbedded in each Fancoin.
  • And unlike the US dollar - each Fancoin owner has the protection of 100% collateralization against theft or actual loss.
  • Ownership literally becomes part of each Fancoin's DNA, without it nothing that is Fancoin would be possible.
  • Unless one is a hard-core criminal, how can anything that hides ownership and masks risk possibly compare to the revolutionary transparency, certainty and permanence of Fancoin?
  • Explore this site to see for yourself why Fancoin is superior to virtually any real or digital currency or asset in terms of predictability, reliability, security and long-term value preservation.

The Opposite of Cryptographic

  • Fancoin is not a cryptographic currency or asset - it is the exact opposite.
  • Regardless of how it is sugarcoated, the primary purpose of cryptographic currencies and assets is to make the entire chain of ownership untraceable.
  • By eliminating the ability to track ownership, cryptographic assets such as Bitcoin and all other crypto currencies appeal to the darker aspects of human behavior, especially the criminal element.
  • Even solid taxpayers inadvertently populate their dark world with skeletons that accrue untold civil and criminal tax liability.
  • Fancoin targets the people and companies that have been standing on the sidelines watching the crypto boom rocket past.
  • First - because they are scared of every crypto currency's unknowns, risks and extreme volatility.
  • Second - because crypto currencies are too complex and secretive, as well as their ability to lure good tax paying people into creating a web of hidden civil and criminal tax and money laundering liability.
  • Third - because they simply cannot understand how unconstrained speculation alone can sustain crypto currency demand and prices over the long run.

Real Users / Real Demand

  • Fancoins will create new experiences in personal, social and business communications, information, and commerce for millions of users inside the Fanbase social media and ecommerce community, as well as a universal platform for digital transaction services in a larger ecosystem anticipated to exist outside the Fanbase application. 
  • The now fully operational Fancoin Member Exchange is envisioned to facilitate transactions for millions of Fancoin users across Fanbase's 1,347 seamlessly integrated social media and ecommerce communities and larger external ecosystem that is expected to develop over time.
  • Millions of captive Fanbase app users around the world are projected to drive mainstream consumer adoption of Fancoins, potentially achieving geometric year-over-year rates of Fancoin user growth.
  • Millions of captive Fanbase app users driving real increases in Fancoin demand is yet another powerful advantage of Fancoin over virtually any other crypto currency, where demand is fueled by nothing more than a house of cards

Maximum Possible Security

  • Fancoins are underwritten and collateralized like no other digital or government-issued currency or asset.
  • Each Fancoin purchased and subsequently traded on the Fancoin Member Exchange comes with a 100% assurance of authenticity and 100% replacement coverage against theft or loss, security that no digital or government-issued currency offers. 
  • Most importantly, every Fancoin comes with a revolutionary Value Protection Program, which protects against losses in value by collateralizing each Fancoin in an owner's trading account with 750 Fancoins held in a permanently-linked Fancoin Member Exchange treasury escrow account.
  • For example, 750 Fancoins held in treasury escrow for each Fancoin in an owner's trading account would provide 1,875 days or 5.1 years of value protection against a continuous stream of 20% losses in value.
  • The odds of 20% losses occurring each day for 1,875 consecutive days, is like flipping a coin each day for 5.1 years and it always coming up tails.
  • To our knowledge, no other 1) digital or government-issued currency, or 2) digital or real asset offers the security, safety and protection of Fancoin.

Protection Against Losses / Preservation of Gains

Years of daily loss protection means years of Fancoin daily gains are protected and preserved.

The Value Protection Program creates a platform allowing each day's gains to compound over years.

Fancoin is the gold standard in terms of simplicity, transparency, security and ultra-long-term value preservation.

The Fanbase app fuels Fancoin demand.

Fancoin is the sole digital currency utilized in the Fanbase app; an app with the potential to become the next Facebook.     

Fancoins are designed to maximize user adoption, starting with its anticipated springboard of 95+ million Fanbase app users.  

The projected 95+ million users driving Fancoin initial demand are but the tip of the iceberg in Fanbase's systematic march across the world of sports to mine its 4.5 billion fans.  

Fancoins are anticipated to become the primary digital currency and store of value for millions of passionate and loyal personal and business users of the Fanbase hyper-app.

Fancoins are also expected to be utilized across a larger external ecosystem of people, companies, entities and platforms that accept Fancoins for a vast range of personal and business payments and exchange transactions. 

Factor in Buy 1 Fancoin / Get 750 Fancoins as Collateral and one would be hard-pressed to find anything in this world that can compare in terms of value preservation.

Fancoin could not only be the world's safest store of value - but the only one that does not sacrifice its upside potential.

Fanbase - where like minds connect

A Master Mobile App

  • There is currently no seamlessly integrated digital world / physical world app that connects like-minded people by leveraging the universal bond of sports. 
  • Fanbase is a hybrid social media / ecommerce software application that will initially start by monetizing 10 of the world’s premier sporting communities. 
  • The Fanbase mobile app takes the best of Facebook, Linkedin, Match, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Amazon and eBay to create a seamlessly integrated master social media and ecommerce application.

1.6 Billion Ready-Made Fans

  • Fanbase Inc. is a company engaged in the sports, social media, ecommerce, brand licensing and internet industries.
  • The Fanbase mobile app will monetize the enormous value created from digitally and physically connecting what could be the most deeply passionate, intensely loyal, like-minded users found on earth.
  • The ready-made global gateway of 1.6 billion sports fans targeted in the Fanbase mobile app's initial rollout  represents one of the largest untapped reservoirs of users in the history of social media or ecommerce.  

10 Sports / 1,347 Teams

  • The Fanbase app's initial 10 sports divisions comprise 1,347 team-based social media communities diversified across millions of like-minded collegiate and professional sports fans. 
  • Each sports division taps into the world’s largest and most profitable fan bases.  
  • The Fanbase app’s 10 sports divisions is estimated to collectively account for over 90% of the followers (fans) and income from all sports in the US and Canada.
  • Each of the Fanbase app's 10 sports divisions have the potential to amass a large, loyal and powerful user base within 3 to 5 years of launch. 

A Blue Ocean Market

  • A blue ocean market opportunity exists for a master social media platform dedicated to immersively connecting people through the universal bond of sports. 
  • Imagine the power gained from connecting millions of like-minded people, virtually and physically across 1,347 interconnected team-based social media and ecommerce communities.  
  • Fanbase intends to put the ultimate social and business connection and passion sharing application in the hands of 95+ million ready-made users and create environments that fulfill their personal and business needs anytime, anywhere.

A Market of Epic Scale

  • The Fanbase mobile app initially targets 1.6 billion ready-made fans for its master all-inclusive platform, one that opens-up an immense new frontier of digital/real world social and business connectivity. 
  • The Fanbase app creates a revolutionary virtual/physical world experience that will likely instill millions of like-minded social and business users with loyalty and passion for the Fanbase brand like no other.
  • The Fanbase app will utilize Fancoins across all of its 1,347 initial team-based social media and ecommerce communities.
  • Click link below for a comprehensive online demo of the Fanbase mobile app.

A Global Hyper-App

  • Fancoin is designed to be a universal store of value and medium of exchange, one that is expected to leverage demand across millions of built-in Fanbase app users, and beyond.
  • The 10 sports divisions driving Fancoin initial demand are simply a springboard to launch the rollout of the Fanbase app across the world's top sports; lead by FIFA soccer and its 6,600 teams and 4 billion soccer fans.
  • The ultimate goal for the Fanbase master app is to launch and monetize 10,000 social media/ecommerce communities, which collectively leverage the bond of sports to potentially create the world's most powerful social and business connection and commerce platform.
  • It is this virtually inexhaustible source of global demand that will potentially fuel Fancoin usage for decades.

Membership, Purchases and Sales

Initial purchasers of Fancoins must first be approved as Fancoin Member Exchange Users. Fancoin Member Exchange User applicants must make their initial purchase of Fancoins using the FANCOIN ORDER FORM in the Downloads section below. Upon your approval as a Fancoin Member Exchange User you can subsequently purchase Fancoins directly on the Fancoin Member Exchange website.

Fancoins can be purchased by approved Fancoin Member Exchange Users on the Fancoin Member Exchange in blocks of 100 coins. The minimum purchase is 1-coin block of 100 Fancoins. 

Fancoin purchases up to $10,000 can be made on this Fancoin Member Exchange website. Fancoin purchases over $10,000 can be made by bank transfer/wire. Please follow the Purchase Fancoins link below for additional information.

Prospective Fancoin purchasers, sellers and users of the Fancoin Member Exchange are encouraged to review the Fancoin Exchange User Agreement, Fancoin Exchange Purchase Agreement, Fancoin Exchange Privacy Policy, and Fancoin Order Form in the Downloads section below.

Please follow the link below to purchase Fancoins on the Fancoin Member Exchange.

Downloadable Information

Prospective Fancoin purchasers, sellers and users of the Fancoin Member Exchange are encouraged to review three downloadable documents supplied by Fanbase Inc. which collectively provide a comprehensive overview of the Fanbase mobile app, the integral role Fancoins are envisioned to play within the app and the role Fancoins are expected to play across an ecosystem of individuals and companies that may accept Fancoins in the future.

Prospective Fancoin purchasers, sellers and users of the Fancoin Member Exchange should also review the following downloadable documents: Fancoin Exchange User Agreement, Fancoin Exchange Purchase Agreement, Fancoin Exchange Privacy Policy and Fancoin Order Form.

Please follow the below Downloads link to access all documents. 

Fanbase App Demo

Prospective Fancoin purchasers, sellers and users of the Fancoin Member Exchange are encouraged to review a comprehensive online demonstration of the Fanbase app supplied by Fanbase Inc. The online demo highlights many of the Fanbase app's unique features; features that collectively set the Fanbase app apart from any other in social media or ecommerce.

Please follow the link below for an online demonstration of the Fanbase mobile app.

Membership, Purchase or Sale Inquiries

Please follow the link below for Fancoin Member Exchange purchase, sale or use questions and inquiries.

Limitations of Use

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This website including all text, exhibits and addenda is for informational and conceptual use only, and does not constitute a recommendation for an investment interest or security interest in either Fancoin Member Exchange or Fancoin tokens, nor does it constitute an offer to provide advisory or other services by Fancoin Member Exchange or its members, affiliates, subsidiaries, and contractors. 

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This website contains confidential and proprietary information solely for the use of prospective Fancoin purchasers, sellers and users of the Fancoin Member Exchange. This website is the property of Fancoin Member Exchange and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Fancoin Member Exchange. 

Terms of Membership, Use, Purchase and Sale

Fancoin Member Exchange reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Fancoin purchase and sale or the terms or conditions regarding membership and use of the Fancoin Member Exchange without notice.


The primary purpose of the Fancoin Member Exchange is to facilitate the purchase, sale and use of non-cryptographic stores of value and mediums of exchange (i.e. Fancoins) which were previously mined and placed in circulation by independent, third-parties. The Fancoin Member Exchange does not engage in, support or allow initial or new issuance of any digital currency or token on the Fancoin Member Exchange, including any type of digital currency or token issued in what is commonly known as an initial coin offering (ICO) or any other type of initial or new issuance of digital or cryptographic currencies or tokens. 

The Fancoin Member Exchange is a fully independent entity from Fanbase Inc. which is the sole developer and owner of the Fanbase software application. The Fancoin Member Exchange has no control over use of Fancoin tokens within the Fanbase software application or any aspect of Fanbase Inc.'s operations. Fanbase Inc. has no control over any aspect of Fancoin Member Exchange operations including but not limited to membership applicant approval by the Fancoin Membership Exchange, purchase and sale of Fancoin tokens, Fancoin Member Exchange bid prices, ask prices and transaction fees, Fancoin Member Exchange trading volumes and rules, Fancoin Member Exchange terms of use, user activities and user information, Fancoin Member Exchange ownership ledger and blockchain, other related ownership records and information, etc.

The Fancoin Member Exchange website contains a wide range of information (collectively the Fancoin Member Exchange Information). A significant percentage of the Fancoin Member Exchange Information was not developed by the Fancoin Member Exchange including information referencing Fancoins, the Fanbase software application and Fanbase Inc., which are collectively based on data, estimates, assumptions, forecasts and projections developed by Fanbase Inc. which is the sole developer and owner of the Fanbase software application. 

The Fanbase l Fancoin Overview, Fanbase Executive Summary, and Fancoin Executive Summary linked to this website's Downloads section and the Fanbase App Demo also linked to this website (collectively the Fancoin and Fanbase Information) were exclusively developed by and are wholly owned by Fanbase Inc. and have been linked to this website strictly for the convenience of prospective Fancoin purchasers, sellers and users of the Fancoin Member Exchange. 

The Fancoin and Fanbase Information is based on numerous operational and financial data, estimates, assumptions and projections, the majority of which are forward looking and subject to a high degree of uncertainty and significant or potentially dramatic change. 

The Fancoin and Fanbase Information is subject to substantial error and revision due to a high degree of uncertainty resulting from (1) the pre-software development stage of the Fanbase software application, (2) Fanbase Inc.’s early stage of growth, and (3) Fanbase Inc. and the Fanbase software application's dependence on numerous events that have yet to occur, including those outside Fanbase Inc.’s control. 

The Fancoin Member Exchange Information and the Fancoin and Fanbase Information may be revised at any time, where the impact of any such revisions could dramatically alter the user and operational data, estimates, assumptions and projections they contain and the corresponding impact on demand for Fancoins. 

The Fancoin Member Exchange shall not be liable for any aspect of the Fancoin and Fanbase Information or the data, assumptions, statements, projections and forecasts they contain, including any Fancoin Member Exchange Information that references the Fancoin and Fanbase Information or information developed by Fanbase Inc. 

Any Fancoin Member Exchange purchaser, seller or user questions regarding the linked Fancoin and Fanbase Information or the Fancoin Member Exchange website's references to the Fanbase software application or use of Fancoin tokens within the Fanbase software application should be directed to Fanbase Inc. www.fanbasego.com / inquiries@fanbasego.com.

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